Camel Milk Australia camel milk soaps are produced locally in Queensland's South Burnett

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Our daughter Tiffany enjoyed a fantastic day at Bell riding in her first camel race.

To our delight and her amazement she won the Bell Camel Cup.

Thanks to John Richardson for providing the camels especially Wokatoka.

What our customers say

  • I have suffered from Psoriasis since I was a young girl, I have tried so many different products from steroid creams to moisturising body wash. Nothing has ever done much to help with the dryness and itching from my skin condition. I have been using Bindanoon's Camel Milk Soap since December 2010 and I can honestly say that my Psoriasis is almost gone. It is no longer dry and itchy and is making life more comfortable. I have also noticed that my skin all over is so soft now that I don't have to use moisturiser as much. I also use it on my toddler and it helps keep her skin baby soft and clean as whistle. My husband is also a real fan he works in construction and finds that it cleans better than regular soap and he feels fresh and super clean after his shower, so great for the whole family. It is a beautiful product and smells fantastic, also a great gift idea.

    Kylie HardakerBrisbane QLD
  • In December 2010, I had the opportunity to try your new product, Bindanoon Camel Milk Soap. Now in my senior years, (mid 70`s) after a life of farming, my skin needs daily creaming. I have found that using this Camel milk soap each day supplies this necessary moisture. Another friend of mine has always had to care for her dry skin condition & gives a report of total approval for Bindanoon Camel milk soap.. Congratulations on introducing this luxury soap.

    Lilian UebelLoganCity, Qld
  • Just a note of thanks to Camel Milk Australia. I have been using your soap for several months and want you to know how great my skin feels and looks. At first I was cautious as I had not been able to any soap products over the last 20 years as they all left my skin dry BUT I am amazed at the luxurious lather- it just feels so different- my skin is smooth and moisturised and I even use it on my face.
    P.S. My 2yr old granddaughter also loves to use Nana's "special camel soap" when she visits !!

    Susan MurrayNSW
  • I had been using the same soap for years and years when a friend asked me to "break from my tradition".They gave me a cake of "Camel Milk Soap". I tried it with a tad sceptisicm and realised that the soap I had been using for the past many ,many years was just not "doing it for me anymore!!!!!". I was extremely pleased at the effects it had on my face and entire body. Of course I just HAD to have more of this Camel Milk soap which I later learnt came from a small place in Queensland called Bindanoon. I love the fact that it is entirely made from all natural ingredients and that it is an All Australian handmade product. When I am showering with my Camel Milk Soap I love the fact that it lathers really nicely and I usually massage my skin with the smooth creamy soap and then reluctantly wash it off.Showering time for me now feels like a luxurious skin treatment. My skin feels very smooth and my hands feel as though I have rubbed hand cream in to them. Bathing in camel milk dates back to the time of Cleopatra and all of us should feel that we can be as well looked after as royalty! I am hooked on this amazing Camel Milk Soap from the cattle property called Bindanoon just outside the small town of Blackbutt in Queensland. Once you try it I feel sure you will too!

    Charmaine HSydney NSW
  • I want to let you know something incredible.
    Last night when I was getting dinner, I accidentally spilt my vegetable water from cooking my vegies in the microwave down my leg. I had a nasty burn. I ran water over it and then applied lots of camel milk lotion. Each time it soaked in I applied more. I put it on very thick. Re-applying till I went to bed. I covered it so the cream would not get on the sheets. It was very painful. Every time the bed clothes pressed on it it hurt lots.
    I took 2 Panadol and went to bed. I went to sleep eventually and when I woke up in the morning, it was only slightly sore to the touch and the angry red was gone, not a sign of a blister. I put more Camel milk lotion on it and I went to work. After a day at work it is very slightly sore and very slightly red. Tomorrow it will be completely back to normal. Not bad for a bad burn.

    Lyn RyanBrowns Plains, Qld
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